Residential Services

If you are wondering what a standard residential inspection at Bellevue Property Consultants LLC looks like, let us give you a quick overview of what we inspect and the services we provide.


We carefully inspect all pipes and the drainage system in the home. There should be no leaks, blockages or pipe bursts. We check all water based appliances too.


The foundation and other structural components like attic, walls, basement, ceiling are checked for cracks, leaks, presence of moisture or any other sign of damage.


We assess the condition of the roof and look for signs of damage like missing flashing, loose shingles, dampness, leaks or cracks. We assess the useful life of the roof and check if it needs a replacement.


Radon is an odorless and colourless gas which mainly enters a property through small openings and cracks. We place a monitor in the house to test the air and water samples. Through this, we are able to determine if the level of exposure to radon exceeds the safety levels set by the EPA.


The HVAC system i.e. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning is checked thoroughly to ensure all components and parts are functioning properly and everything is in working order.


We assess the electrical system carefully to ensure that all outlets are grounded and all electrics are working properly. We check for exposed wires, potential fire hazards, outdated circuit breakers, blown fuses etc.


We look for signs of damage like rot, cracks, decay etc. and provide you with a total number of doors & windows in the house.


We inspect the property closely looking for signs indicating the presence of termites. Termite droppings, decaying wood, exit holes, galleries or mud tubes created by subterranean termites are some common signs. A detailed termite inspection report is then given about the visible and accessible evidence of damage or infestation by termites.

Other than the above services, we also provide exterior home inspection, floor inspection, fireplace/furnace inspection and insulation inspection services. We also do virtual consultations as and when requested by our clients.